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Chopped Strand Matting

CSM is strands of glass fibre held together by an emulsion binder. The binder breaks down when resin is applied and the glass strands become the reinforcement in the plastic.
Chopped Strand Matting g/m2
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Surface Tissue

Surface tissue is a very fine mat which gives a better finish on completed laminates when used on the last layer. Can also be used as a barrier between the gel coated surface and the coarse strands of the matting to prevent print through.
Surface Tissue Include this


Gelcoat will be the smooth outer finished surface when laminating in a mould. It is applied first first to the mould before the fibreglass mat.
Gelcoat Include this


Topcoat is a gelcoat with a wax additive which enables it to cure in air. It is used as the final surface on GRP roofs etc.
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Chopped Strand Mat Weight is total weight of all the layers of Chopped Strand Mat in kg.
Chopped Strand Matting Kg

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Resin is 2.5 times the weight of the glass.
Resin Kg

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The area of tissue required to cover the whole surface.
Surface Tissue m2

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Gelcoat is 0.6kg per metre sq.
Gelcoat Kg

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Topcoat is 0.6kg per metre sq.
Topcoat Kg

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Cataylst Hardener is 2% of the weight of the resin, topcoat and gelcoat.
Catalyst/Hardener gm