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Carbon Fibre - 220g Plain Weave - 1020mm wide

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This class of materials is widely used in aircraft parts, high-performance vehicles, sporting equipment, wind generator blades and gears and other demanding mechanical applications.

This 220g plain weave carbon fibre material, measuring 1020mm in width, is a superior choice for projects demanding high strength-to-weight ratios and outstanding durability. The plain weave pattern ensures a balanced strength distribution in all directions, making it ideal for applications where uniform stress distribution is critical. Its high-quality, aerospace-grade carbon fibre construction offers exceptional stiffness and load-bearing capacity, which is crucial in the manufacturing of aerospace components, automotive parts, and high-performance sporting goods.

Moreover, this carbon fibre's aesthetic appeal is unmatched, with its classic carbon weave pattern providing a sleek, high-tech appearance. This makes it not only functionally superior but also visually striking, suitable for applications where both performance and style are paramount. Whether used in the crafting of custom car parts, innovative sporting gear, or cutting-edge aerospace technology, this carbon fibre material delivers on both performance and appearance, making it a popular choice among professionals and hobbyists alike. 

The product's versatility extends to various methods of fabrication, including vacuum bagging, resin infusion, and hand lay-up techniques, allowing for flexibility in custom fabrication and design. It is compatible with a range of resin systems, ensuring that it can be tailored to specific project requirements.

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