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Airex PVC Foam

AIREX® C70 Universal Structural Foam

 CHARACTERISTICS:  Outstanding strength and stiffness to weight ratios,  Good impact strength,   Low resin absorption, High fatigue resistance, Good fire performance (self-extinguishing), High sound and thermal insulation and good styrene resistance.
APPLICATIONS: Marine Hulls, decks, bulkheads, superstructures, interiors, Road and Rail Roof panels, interiors, floors, doors, partition walls, side skirts, front-ends, Wind energy Rotor blades, nacelles, turbine generator housings, Aircraft and Aerospace Interiors, radomes, galley carts, general aviation (fuselage and wing), Recreation Skis, snowboards, surfboards, wakeboards, canoes, kayaks Industrial Tooling, tanks, ductwork, containers, covers