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300g Woven Roving - 1 mt wide

  • Description
  • Woven Roving is a widely used material in composite construction, with perfect properties of reinforcement, corrosion-resistance and insulation. Provides high tensile and flexural strength in laminates.

    At it's best is sandwiched between alternating layers matting, ideally a balanced laminate, ie, equal layers of matting on either side of Woven Roving. On it's own it will be subject to delamination or 'peeling' from surface.

    Woven Roving's highest strength is in the direction of the warp and weft strands which are oriented at 90 degrees to each other.

    Approximately over 90% of boat hull's over 20ft in length are built with Woven Roving within it's construction.

    Resin:Woven Roving ratio 1:1 , i,e 300g of Resin will "wet out" 1 sq mt of 300g woven Roving.
    Dry fabric weight = 0.25mm approximately.

  • Technical Questions
  • Can I use this Glass with Epoxy Resin and Polyester Resin?

    Yes, it is coated to be compatible with most resin systems.

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  • Technical Data Sheet
  • 300g Woven Roving - 1 mt wide Technical Data Sheet

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