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390g Twill Weave Glass Cloth - 1 Mtr wide

  • Description
  • For use in general sheathing work on hulls and decks, Twill  weave has good drapability, it is also a  very ‘soft’ cloth that will laminate into awkward shapes and tight corners.

    To produce the diagonal rib one or more of the warp fibres weave under and over two, or indeed more of the weft fibers in a regular repeated manner, this in turn produces the distinctive diagonal rib.

    Twill weave cloths have a front and back side, unlike the plain weave cloths. The front side has a slightly more pronounced weave and is more attractive, this face is used where the fabric is seen more of, ie clear coated surface or next to the Gelcoat if used more cosmetic reasons.

  • Technical Questions
  • Does this Glass cloth drape well, i have a nose cone mould that i need to make a part from, im also considering polyester resin as opposed to epoxy resin and advice?

    Epoxy Resins will always offer distinct advantages over Polyester Resins in most applications, you have to consider cost and what you need the part to be, ie lightweight, strong ect. This cloth works with both resin systems and drapes really well. 

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  • Technical Data Sheet
  • 390g Twill Weave Glass Cloth - 1 Mtr wide Technical Data Sheet

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