450g Biaxial cloth - 1.27 mt wide

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  • FGE103-ST (GE, 450, -45/+45,ST)

    Biaxial fabric is non woven which consists of 2 layers stitched together at +/- 45 deg.
    Drapes nicely, used in structural work as it gives strength in 2 directions.
    The + 45º and - 45º layers are of equal weight.
    Fabric is Silane coated for easier wetting out, and is compatible with both Polyester and Epoxy Resin systems.
    A Biaxial Fabric can be engineered for specific applications requiring different ratios of warp to weft reinforcement.
    This versatile fabric, made from high-quality fibres, is available in a variety of widths and weights to meet any requirements.
    The input fibres are designed to give controlled wet-out and excellent laminate properties.
    Each fabric can be combined with a glass mat or veil for enhanced performance or surface finish.

  • Technical Questions
  • Can i use polyester or epoxy resin on this biaxial cloth?

    Yes, all our fabrics are Epoxy / Polyester compatible.

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  • 450g Biaxial cloth - 1.27 mt wide Technical Data Sheet

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