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520g Diolen - 1 Mtr Wide

  • Description
  • Diolen – 520g sq/mt -1 mt wide.
    Diolen Polyester Fibre is a low density (1.3g/cm3), high tenacity fibre which has good impact characteristics due to it's very high elongation and break, however, the young modulus is very low. It is used in applications where high stiffness is not a requirement, but where low weight, high impact resistance and high abrasion resistance is important.

    Diolen is commonly used in the manufacture of Canoes and Kayak's and many more applications where high impact strength is important.
    Diolen can be used between layers of chopped strand matting to achieve a rigid structure which has very high impact resistance, as an example Diolen has been incorporated in the manufacture of lifesaving equipment, in one application 520g Diolen is sandwiched between chopped strand matting, this specification allowed the container to be dropped from a height of 46 mt with a packed weight of approximately 200kg without any punctures or critical damage to the shell, what tends to happen is the glass fibre will break, but the Diolen will absorb this impact and more or less spring back into shape. It is essential it is sandwiched between layers of glassfibre matting for maximum strength, or effectively laid on the reverse of a laminate, which is usually apparent in canoe/kayak construction.

    With a Resin: Diolen ratio of 1:1 , i.e 1 mt of 520g Diolen will use 520g of Resin.

  • Technical Questions
  • Can i use Polyester resin with diolen or just Epoxy resin i currently use SP 106 epoxy resin? 

    Diolen is treated in such a way that is is compatible with Polyester, Vinylester and indeed any brand of Epoxy resin such as WEST SYSTEM, SP, Axson, MAS and Sicomin, EC 157 Infusion resin.

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  • Technical Data Sheet
  • 520g Diolen - 1 Mtr Wide Technical Data Sheet

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