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900g (3oz) Chopped Strand Matting - 1mt wide

  • Description
    Jushi 900g Chopped strand matting is a medium fiber, multi-chop length chopped strand mat bonded together using an emulsion binder. The emulsion binder provides superior handling properties compared to powder bonded mats. The chemistry and chop length used allows it to conform well in contoured molds. It is a porous, well bonded mat which maintains its integrity during the impregnation process and provides a uniform wet through rate.
    Quick wetting and rapid air release: Maximizes molding productivity by reducing the labour required to roll out product.
    Slower impregnation speed: Reduces resin consumption resulting in higher glass content and improved mechanical properties
    Excellent conformability: Ease of handling and ability to conform rapidly to complex molds
    Externally certified: Lloyd's Register of Shipping.

  • Technical Questions
  • How much resin would i require per square metre of this chopped strand matting?

    At a Resin : Glass ratio of 2 - 2.5 to 1, you would use between 1.8kg - 2.25kg of Resin. 

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  • This product may contain hazardous chemicals. Customers must read the safety data sheet below before use

  • Safety Data Sheet
  • 900g (3oz) Chopped Strand Matting - 1mt wide Safety Data Sheet

  • Technical Data Sheet
  • 900g (3oz) Chopped Strand Matting - 1mt wide Technical Data Sheet

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