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90g Carbon Fibre cloth plain weave

90g Carbon Fibre cloth plain weave
Price: £52.00
90g 1k Carbon Fibre plain weave cloth.
This cloth has a very tight weave making it ideal for smaller applications.
Used mainly in modelling work, RC Helicopter / Aeroplane structures, and popular in repair applications.    
An epoxy Resin should be used for maximum performance.    
Can you please tell me the difference between plain weave fabric and twill weave fabric?

Plain : Each warp fibre passes alternatively under and over each weft fibre. (High crimp impacts lower mechanical properties). Twill : One or more warp fibres alternatively weave over and under two or more weft fibres in a regular repeated manner. This produces diagonal rib. Superior wet out and drape, over plain, with only a small reduction in stability. Reduced crimp gives smoother surface and high mechanical properties
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