Axson Translux D150 Water Clear Epoxy Resin

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  • Description
  • A Low viscosity, self-degassing, high transparency epoxy resin (water clear) with very good UV resistance.

    Translux D150 is a perfect epoxy resin for floral casting and embedding as well as embedding objects such as stones, coins and insects.

    Mixing ratio is 100:100 by volume.

    Good UV stability
    Stable optical properties after hardening
    No stress applied on glass containers with
    change of temperature.
    Compatibility for inclusion of all types of
    Self degassing
    Possible to cast up to 2 litres in one operation
    Final hardness: 80 A SHORE
    Mixing ratio: 100/100 by volume
    Low viscosity : 250 mPa.s
    No yellowing during hardening stage due to the
    very low exothermic reaction
    Crystal Clear Resin, ideal for Water simulation
    Product developed to produce transparent decorative items in transparent
    No specific equipment required for the resin processing.
    Transparent Resin
    For further information and technical data sheets go to
    Stable during storage, no crystallisation.
    Stable after complete hardening.
    Product adheres to the walls of the container.

  • Safety Data Sheet
  • Axson Translux D150 Water Clear Epoxy Resin Safety Data Sheet

  • Technical Data Sheet
  • Axson Translux D150 Water Clear Epoxy Resin Technical Data Sheet

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    1. on 01/06/2018, said:
    5 stars out of 5
    Came very fast, well packaged. The resin itself was cloudy without the activator, and once the two parts were mixed it reached a high transparency which was perfect! We then coloured it further with transparent resin dye. Because we poured one litre at a time, it took a little longer than the suggested to completely cure, but we did pour 1L at one time. Wasn't a problem though, just waited an extra day for the tackiness to subside. It behaved perfectly for our beginners project!
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