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Catalyst - Medium Reactivity - MEKP

Catalyst - Medium Reactivity - MEKP
Price: £1.98
1 Kg Catalyst - Medium reactivity - MEKP

Standard curing agent for Polyester Resins and Gelcoats.
Im warmer conditions use minimum 1% by volume, i.e 10ml per Litre of Resin, never use less than 1%, in colder conditions use between 2-3%.
Always when catalyzing Gelcoats use 2% minimum.
Please handle very carefully, read safety data sheet and observe hazardous labelling.

Can I use less catalyst in warm or hot weather?

Never put any less than 1% catalyst in by volume, i.e 10 ml per Kg as this will affect the curing cycle and you run the risk of an under-cured laminate. You can get a slower reactivity catalyst though and this would extend the geltime whilst you are working.

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