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Chopped Strands - 3 mm

  • Description
  • Chopped Strands - 3mm Chopped Strands

    Glass fibre strands 3mm long that can be mixed to resin to make a dough like mixture and is a very strong compound, make sure the catalyst is mixed well into mixture and do not apply to thick as exotherm will generate making the mix reach high temperatures.

    Very useful for reinforcing difficult and awkward areas in mould making and part production, the glass fibres can be sprinkled into awkward areas where matting would spring away, sprinkle the strands into area, wet with Polyester resin then lay matt over, this prevents any air voids becoming present in moulding.

  • Technical Questions
  • Can i use these to mix in with my resin to laminate into awkward edges?

    Best not to mix in with the resin but to wet the area out then sprinkle into, using a stippling action press the fibres into place.

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  • Safety Data Sheet
  • Chopped Strands - 3 mm Safety Data Sheet

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  • Chopped Strands - 3 mm Technical Data Sheet

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