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CLEAR Flow coat / Topcoat (inclusive of catalyst)

  • Description
  • An Isophthalic Flowcoat for brush application. It has been carefully formulated to give excellent brushing properties. The thixotropy has been adjusted to minimise sag on inclined and vertical surfaces.

    Approved by Lloyd’s register of shipping for use in construction of reinforced plastic craft under their survey, and is widely used in the marine and construction industry's.

    Wax is added for a tack free surface, commonly used on Boats, Roofs, and other outside surfaces.

    Condition Flowcoat at 18 - 20 degress C prior to use, this will ensure a good coverage, if you want to lower the viscosity of the mix to help elimate brush marks add a little resin, but by doing this you may change the shade if you have ordered a colour and you will also effect the properties of the Flowcoat.

    Coverage is approximately 600g of Flowcoat per square metre, depending on operating temperature, therefore 10kg will cover 16 sq mt.

    Manufacturer: Scott Bader

    Material: 65pa

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