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Crestamould® VE 679PA - Tooling (including Catalyst)

  • Description
  • Crestamould VE 679pa is a pre-accelerated, thixotropic, DCPD modified, vinyl ester resin. 

    Crestamould VE 679pa was developed for use as a skin coat in marine and tooling applications. 

    Crestamould VE 679pa has excellent blister resistance and significantly reduces the occurrence of print through, to produce durable mouldings with an enhanced surface finish.  

  • Technical Questions
  • Can i use the same catalyst for Polyester Resin and also will this bond to an existing Polyester laminate?

    The answer is yes in both instances, standard MEKP such as Butanox M50 is used. Vinyl ester resins share the same cross-linking monomer (styrene) to polyester resins and Gelcoats so they are compatible with each other.

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  • This product may contain hazardous chemicals. Customers must read the safety data sheet below before use

  • Safety Data Sheet
  • Crestamould® VE 679PA - Tooling (including Catalyst) Safety Data Sheet

  • Technical Data Sheet
  • Crestamould® VE 679PA - Tooling (including Catalyst) Technical Data Sheet

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