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Crystic D8151 Flexible Resin Additive

Crystic D8151 Flexible Resin
Price: £9.50

Crystic D8151 is a non- accelerated ,  very flexible polyester resin. It is  not usually used on its own but added to other resins to improve flexibility, impact strength etc.

Its elongation to break is around 100% and you would typically add around 20% of it  to other resins to get a measurable improvement in elongation to break .

It contains  styrene so should be treated like any other polyester resin in terms of health and safety.

If using as a stand alone resin, Accelerator G must be added at 4%.

If i am adding this flexible additive which is unaccelerated  do i need to add more accelerator to the resin too as well as the catalyst?

If adding up to 20% then adding extra accelerator is optional so you could add some extra  G or rely on the accelerator content in the resin you are adding it to . If its above 20% then I would add some additional accelerator G. 

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