Durabuild Polyester Base Primer Application

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  • For rapidly fairing and shaping the plug, pattern or model, Duratec Base Primer cures to an easily sandable surface, which provides a stable base for other coatings. The primer acts as an insulator, protecting substrate materials (putties, MDF, wood, etc.) from the heat of the exotherm created during the mould-making process. This reduces the risk of any surface print through of substrate materials.

    Surface and Product Preparation: If Duratec Sealer was first applied to the substrate then no sanding is required. If Duratec Sealer was not first applied to the substrate you must sand the substrate with 80- or 120-grit sandpaper and wipe clean prior to applying the Base Primer. Thoroughly mix Duratec Polyester Base Primer in the can.

    Product Properties (at the time of manufacturing) - All time calculations are based on temperatures of 77°F, 25°C

    As measured on a Brookfield Viscometer Model RVF, Spindle #2 at 20 rpm - 2200 cps
    Thixotropic Index - 5.8 - 6.0
    Gel TimeSample based on a 100 g mass, catalyzed at 2 percent with mekP - 15 min
    Heat Distortion Temperature - <212°F, 100°C
    Weight per Gallon - 7.66 lb., 3.48 kg
    Coverage per Gallon
    20 mil thickness - 55-60 ft2
    500 micron thickness - 4-5 m2

  • Safety Data Sheet
  • Durabuild Polyester Base Primer Application Safety Data Sheet

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