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ECC 100g Chopped strand matting - 1 mt wide

  • Description
  • 1 mt wide - 100g Chopped strand matting.

    Used for awkward edges ect before main laminate is laid down.
    Common in model boat making.
    For every metre off roll you should use between 250g - 300g of resin.

  • Technical Questions
  • How much resin would i require per square metre of this fibreglass matting?

    At a Resin : Glass ratio of 2 - 2.5 to 1, you would use between 200g - 250g of Resin.

    What is Chopped Strand Matting (fibreglass) ?

    Chopped strand matting, or CSM or sometimes  known as Fiberglass Matt, is made up of strands of glassfibre randomly laid , usually 2" long and held together with an emulsion binder for polyester resins (or less commonly a powder binder for epoxy resins). The binder is then dissolved by the application of catalysed resin, and the strands become the reinforcement in the newly formed plastic.

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