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G4 Pond Seal

G4 Pond Seal

Price: £15.95
  • Description
  • G4 pond seal is a moisture cured, one component Polyurethane which forms a non-porous, tough and flexible seal. Seals out lime from glassfibre.

    For sealing a pond prior to Glassfibre work follow these simple steps:

    1. Ensure cement render is dry and clean, new render should be allowed 21-28 days to harden, dependent on conditions. Reinforcement fibres must be burnt or sanded off prior to coating.
    2. Repair cracks and damaged areas.
    3. Apply by brush, avoid thick coats, and allow to become fingerprint dry - approx 60-90 mins depending on humidity. Apply subsequent coats but do not allow more than 4 hours between coats. 3 coats are normally sufficient, but on highly porous surfaces 4 may be required. When using in conjunction with fibreglass lamination, 1 coat is fine.
    4. Lay up lamination.

    Coverage 200g per mt/sq on normal porous cements.

  • Safety Data Sheet
  • G4 Pond Seal Safety Data Sheet

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