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Glass Bubbles

  • Description
  • Micro cellular hollow fibreglass particles for adding to resin as a filler reinforcement for easy to sand lightweight filling. White in colour.

    3M K15/300 Glassbubbles are specially formulated for a high strength to weight ratio, making them an ideal filler more filling / repair work.

    3M™ Glass Bubbles K15 have a density of 0.15 g/cc and an isostatic crush strength of 300 psi. The general purpose K Series glass bubbles are the most economical 3M glass bubbles.
    Lower viscosity, improved flow
    Increased filler loading, reduced cost
    VOC reduction
    Chemical stability and inertness
    Reduced dielectric constant
    Thermal conductivity reduction
    Temperature resistance 

  • Technical Questions
  • How much Glass Bubbles do i add to make my Polyester Resin into a paste?

    It really depends on application but as a general rule start off with half the volume of the resin and stir in well then add more if you require the paste to be more viscous, don't forget to add catalyst to the Polyester Resin first (and wear a suitable mask).

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  • This product may contain hazardous chemicals. Customers must read the safety data sheet below before use

  • Safety Data Sheet
  • Glass Bubbles Safety Data Sheet

  • Technical Data Sheet
  • Glass Bubbles Technical Data Sheet

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