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GREY Polyester Gel-Coat (inclusive of catalyst)

  • Description
  • Light Grey - Scott Bader 6850 sometimes known as Light Weatherwork. 

    Colour shown above is approximate for reference - Please do not use website images to colour match as colours will vary across different monitors/printers etc. Please refer to a RAL colour chart for matching.

    Crystic® Gelcoat GT-600 is a high performance isophthalic gelcoat. It is pre-accelerated and formulated for brush application. Crystic® Gelcoat GT-600 has been developed to have excellent intrinsic water and weather resistance. The viscosity profile ensures even coverage with minimal drainage and low film porosity.

    Crystic® Gelcoat GT-600 is recommended for use in the marine, building and transport industries. It is also suitable for general moulding requirements. Crystic® Gelcoat GT-600 is approved by Lloyd’s Register of Shipping.

    GelTint offers the latest in pigment and gelcoat technology producing a high quality product for ease of use, finish and longevity. There is a vast range of colours available. Custom colour matching is also available. Please call on 0191 4975134 to arrange.

    Packaging and Storage 
    This product is supplied in variants of 1kg, 3kg, 5kg and 20kg - This is the amount of base gelcoat which will be increased by upto 4% by the addition of pigment. Product should be stored in its original container, under cover, and out of direct sunlight. These must be kept closed and airtight. It is recommended that the storage temperature should be less than 25°C and the product should not be frozen. Storing the product outside of these conditions may affect the properties of the product and reduce its shelf life. Ideally, containers should be opened only immediately prior to use. Material should be used within 5 months from date of production. 
    Health and Safety 
    Read and understand separate Material Safety Data Sheet before using this product. Unsaturated polyester products release heat when they cure in bulk.


    Gel time (2% 50% MEKP)

    Backup time (2% 50% MEKP)


    19 minutes

    90 minutes


    12 minutes

    45 minutes


    8 minutes

    30 minutes


    6 minutes

    25 minutes

    The Difference between Gelcoat and Resin

    A gelcoat would normally have about 3 times more thixotrope than a typical laminating resin. This increase in thixotropy means that the gelcoat can be applied to the recommended thickness of 0.4 - 0.6 mm in a single continuous film without drainage on vertical or inclined surfaces. The laminating resin could not do this, and obviously the gel coat would not wet out glass reinforcements as a laminating resin does.

  • Safety Data Sheet
  • GREY Polyester Gel-Coat (inclusive of catalyst) Safety Data Sheet

  • Technical Data Sheet
  • GREY Polyester Gel-Coat (inclusive of catalyst) Technical Data Sheet

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