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Honeywax 14 oz Tin

  • Description
  • Honeywax is a unique, high gloss paste wax paste for use by the fibreglass moulder as a mould release agent.
    It is compounded with the purest grade carnauba wax, plus special binders and spreading agents.
    Honeywax creates a durable wax surface that remains intact for multiple pulls.

    If you are using on a new fibreglass mould please read carefully for best application.
    After you have finished preparing the surface of your mould wash down with hot soapy water, let dry and apply the first coat of wax, using small circular motions apply, let dry for five minutes and buff off with a clean cotton cloth, and again with another , keep these cloths seperate and use the second one after the first each time , this will ensure you are not immediately creating any uneccessary build up.
    Repeat this process at least twelve times at least an hour between each application. Do not apply wax within the hour as you will just be dissolving the one you have just put on.
    When all the waxes have been applied for insurance it's best to apply a thin coat of PVA release agent to the first lift, let dry, then apply 2 % catalyst to your gelcoat minimum, this should cure of in 20 minutes or so.
    It is then advisable to apply just 2 layers of matting with 2% catalyst added to the polyester resin, what you are doing here is breaking the mould in.
    After the first breaking in lift, wash the PVA release agent off with hot soapy water, then apply another 3 - 4 waxes, each again with one hour between each.
    Now you can safely Gelcoat your mould (2% Catalyst minimum), and apply your reinforcement. 

  • This product may contain hazardous chemicals. Customers must read the safety data sheet below before use

  • Safety Data Sheet
  • Honeywax 14 oz Tin Safety Data Sheet

  • Technical Data Sheet
  • Honeywax 14 oz Tin Technical Data Sheet

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    1. on 24/08/2018, said:
    5 stars out of 5
    Works well. Five coats on hardboard and MDF and the gelcoat pulls away easily.
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