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Innegra Cloth - 120g - 1m wide - black

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Innegra(tm) S fibers help to make high performance products tougher, lighter, and more impact resistant than ever before. Innegra has been incorporated into everything from Formula One race cars, to hockey sticks, tennis racquets, windsurf and SUP boards, kayaks, aircraft, police shields, ropes and more.

Innegra S is a high-performance olefin fiber that is lightweight, tough, durable, hydrophobic and recyclable. When high-modulus fibers are combined with Innegra S fiber, weight can be reduced, impact resistance and damage tolerance are vastly improved and electrical signal transmission management is fine-tuned expanding the performance of existing fiber technology.


Aerospace, Automotive, Ballistics, Construction, Industrial, Luggage & Cases, Marine, Military, Radomes, Ropes & Netting and Sporting Equipment.

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Why should I use Innegra™ and what are the benefits?

Innegra™ is tough, durable, lightweight and can provide versatility, value, & safety. When combined with your current materials, Innegra™ can enhance the mechanical properties of your final composite part. Depending on your application and current materials, Innegra™ can reduce weight, vibration, and cost, while improving toughness and damage tolerance