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Lloyd's approved Polyester Resin - WHITE (including catalyst) - Crystic 2-414PA

Lloyd's approved Polyester Resin - WHITE (including catalyst) - Crystic 2-414PA
Price: £8.80
Crystic 2-414pa is a pre accelerated, thixotropic polyester resin with low styrene emission. Its rapid wet out, low exotherm and fast hardening characteristics making it ideal for thick multi layer laminates in spray or hand applications. Crystic 2-414pa is recommended for boat building and general moulding applications. During the laminating phase, styrene emissions are considerably reduced compared to a normal resin.

This resin being Lloyd’s approved it is suitable for marine use, i.e boat repair and maintenance. It is also used widely for roofing, motorcycle repair, canoe / kayak build and repair, sub – box build, timber sheathing, general moulding and many other applications.

Catalyst is supplied with instructions for mixing, in warm climates use only 1% by volume, i.e 10ml of Catalyst per Kg of resin, in colder climates add 2- 3%. It is advisable not to mix more than you can effectively apply, this means not more than 2 – 3 Kg at any given time unless they are more operators applying.
Filler powders can also be added, please assure before adding filler powders catalyst is mixed thoroughly first.

Full drums of this resin are available with or without catalyst.

Is they a colour code to the white pigment in the resin?

Yes this is Scott Bader's white 337, classed as super white. Before use always agitate the tin as the pigment will sometimes settle.
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