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MAS Deep Pour Epoxy Resin (3 US gallon 11.36 ltrs)

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MAS Deep Pour Epoxy Resin is a solid, two-part, 3:1 mix ratio (by volume) for deep pour casting, encapsulating and moulding applications. It cures within 24-36 hours at 21°C creating a clear, glass-like finish that resists yellowing and scratching with an extended gel time to minimize exotherm and improve air release.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a advanced epoxy resin system. DO NOT use Deep Pour epoxy in working temperatures above 23°C.

Please take into consideration the volume of epoxy you pour into a void. Pouring too much epoxy into a large area may result in shrinking, yellowing or cracking. Keeping the work area cool by adding a fan can help reduce the risk of the epoxy overheating.

Working Conditions: For best results, all materials and working conditions should be maintained at a constant 15°C-23°C. Epoxy is a temperature sensitive material. When cool, it’s thicker and sets slower. When warm, it’s thinner and sets faster. Working in a shop or with material above 23°C, Deep Pour may set too quickly and exotherm (become too hot) which could cause it to yellow, distort, shrink or crack.

Maximum Casting Thickness: Max casting thickness can vary depending on a number of factors including shop temp, material temp, mixing quantity, mold material, project dimensions, etc. Larger slabs should be poured thinner than smaller castings to minimize exotherm. Every project is unique, but as a general guideline do not exceed 0.5” casting thickness for a full mixed 1.3 gallon kit, or 1” for a half mixed kit. Step pour multiple layers for thicker castings.

Exothermic Reaction: CAUTION EXOTHERMIC REACTION: Mixed epoxy generates heat. The more you mix, the hotter it will be. Must use after mixing. Only mix what you are ready to pour. May fume and smoke. Please visit the online FAQ before starting your project

Prior to Use:  When casting materials like wood, leaves, rocks and other substrates, make sure the material is dry and sealed. We recommend sealing any wood or porous surfaces prior to using Deep Pour Epoxy. Penetrating Epoxy Sealer works great for sealing the wood to reduce the risk of air bubbles and foam appearing while curing.

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