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MAS Table Top Epoxy Resin

  • Description
  • MAS Table Top Epoxy Resin is specially formulated to give a protective glass like finish on any surface.

    The 1:1 formula means it's easy to mix and simple to pour on and is perfect for bar tops and similar projects. We have found best practice is to pour a thin sealing coat first followed later by the main pour. Bubbles in the surface can be expelled by using a heat gun.

    This resin is compatible with wood, metal, concrete and other surfaces - perform a small test if you are unsure of compatibility with your surface.

    Currently available in a 2.27 litre kit which will cover approximately 7.2 square feet at a thickness of 1/8" (1.2 square metres at 3.2mm depth)

    Color Clear Visual
    Izod Impact, Notched, ft/lb/in 0.76 ASTM D256
    Tensile Strength, psi 7,400 ASTM D638
    Tensile Modulus, psi 382,000 ASTM D638
    Tensile Elongation, % 5.9 ASTM D638
    Compressive Strength, psi 10,400 ASTM D695
    Flexural Strength, psi 12,800 ASTM D790
    Flexural Modulus, psi 373,000 ASTM D790
    HDT, Room Temperature Cure ?F 118 ASTM D648
    HDT, Post Cure ?F 124 ASTM D648
    Cured Density, g/cm3 1.11 ASTM D792
    Volumetric Yield, in3/lb 25 ASTM D792
    Volumetric Shrinkage, % 3.85 ASTM D792/D1475
    Hardness, Shore D 82 ASTM D2240

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  • Safety Data Sheet
  • MAS Table Top Epoxy Resin Safety Data Sheet

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  • MAS Table Top Epoxy Resin Technical Data Sheet

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