Mouldmaking and Casting Workshop with Jesmonite Demo

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    Mouldmaking and Casting Workshop with Jesmonite Demo - with Graeme Pippet and Tim Sharman
    Taking place at:
    East Coast Fibreglass Supplies, West Walpole Street, South Shields.
    This course will be delivered by Graeme Pippet, a South Shields based professional sculptor and artist.
    And Tim Sharman, Technical Sales Executive for Jesmonite

    Today's course is in two parts, the first being workshop-style, providing hands-on learning about the following areas:

    • Health & Safety
    • Comparison of materials for moulding and casting
    • Difference between tin cure and platinum cure silicones, and how to avoid problems with both
    • Use of Release agents - When, why and how
    • Model design - Understanding undercuts, avoiding trapped air
    • How to mix, pour or brush silicone rubber removing air bubbles
    • An overview of vacuum and pressure chambers
    • Mould Design - 1 part, 2 part, multiple piece moulds, Block moulds, skin moulds, jacket moulds
    • Polyester & Polyurethane casting resins - what are the differences
    • Mixing and pouring resin
    • Additives - fillers, pigments etc, Marble, stone, bronze, wood effects
    After which we will be taking a look at Jesmonite, a non-toxic material for casting and architectural work.

    Course timing will be from 9.00am to approximately 4.00pm.

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