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MTI Resin Feed Line Blade Runner

  • Description
  • During the setup for the vacuum infusion, one or more resin feed lines are placed on the part. Often a normal spiral tube or an omega channel is used. Now this one can simply be substituted by the new resin feed line.

     Blade Runner® is more stable by the construction and the materials as a normal spiral tube. Thereby it is easier to place and fix it at the desired place. This makes the setup for the vacuum infusion faster. By its unique design the new resin feed line keeps a distance to the part surface. Blade Runner® does not leave any print on the surface and minimizes air impacts especially in the area where the resin feed line is placed. Result is a higher part quality with a perfect surface and structurally better parts.

     With Blade Runner® working hours and with it costs can be saved for the setup and the work on the surface after the infusion. The resin feed line is suitable for all parts which will be produced with the vacuum infusion process. Blade Runner® can be used for prototypes, small series, batch production and for mould building. Although the resin feed line is especially for big and long parts like a rotor blade of a wind turbine.

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