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Polyester breather fabric - 1.52m (60") wide

  • Description
  • VACB460 is a needled polyester fabric for use as a highly drapable  breather/absorption medium in composite vacuum bagging applications.

    Now available in 1.5 m , 0.75m and 100mm widths.

    ● Lightweight polyester breather fabric with excellent all round stretch and drapeability

    ● Effective for use in conjunction with components containing complex curvatures or acute radii

    ● Felted construction facilitates efficient resin bleed without risk of bridging, and use in single or multiple layers


    ● Viscat softening point 80ºC

    ● Maximum Cure Temperature 200ºC

    ● Fibre 100% Polyester

    ● Colour White or Grey

    ● Weight (nominal) 150g/m2

    ●Thickness 2-3 mm (nominal, uncompressed)

    Note: Breather has no release characteristics and should be separated from the laminate by a suitable porous release fabric or film. This product is not intended to be used as a breather material alone in high pressure autoclave cures.


    ● No special storage conditions required

    ●No skin irritation problems experienced

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  • Medium weight polyester breather fabric with excellent all round stretch and drapeability.

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