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Shrink Tite Tape - 32mm wide

  • Description
  • 32mm wide x 91.4 mt Shrink Tite Tape.

    Tough, flexible heat shrinkable polyester tape with the unique ability to shrink and apply pressure when wrapped around an object and heated. This simple method of applying pressure is employed in many industries.

    This is commonly used to achieve a reasonable surface finish and compaction force on composite tube applications, i.e crash tubes for vehicles, fishing rods and other spar type applications.

  • Technical Questions
  • How do you heat the tape up ?

    The tape can be heated using a standard heat gun, and the tape starts to shrink at 65 degrees centigrade. The maximum usage temperature is 180 degrees centigrade. After the part has been wrapped with the tape, apply the heat to the part, keeping it moving. Try not to dwell on one place as the tape will melt. 

    How much does the tape shrink by ?

    The tape shrinks by 20 %.

    Will the tape stick to the part ?

    The PTFE release coating applied to one side allows for easy removal from various substrates.

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  • Technical Data Sheet
  • Shrink Tite Tape - 32mm wide Technical Data Sheet

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