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Surfboard Repair Kit

  • Description
  • Perfect ready made kit for surfboard repair. Please note these materials are not suitable for use on polystyrene boards.

    1 X 100ml Surfboard Polyester Resin
    1 x 100ml Surfboard Topcoat
    1 x 100ml Q Cell Powder
    1 x 15ml Catalyst
    3 x Mixing Sticks
    3 x 60ml Measuring Cup
    3 x 1" Brush
    1 x 1m x 150mm Fibreglass Tape
    Wet & Dry Paper - 240, 600, 1200 grit
    2 x pairs latex gloves


    Before mixing any materials, the damaged area should be clean and dry. Start by removing any surfboard wax from around the damaged area then remove any loose bits of fibreglass and dig out any dirty bits of core. Ensure that the affected area is bone dry sand and then wipe down with acetone.
    It is best to mask off the surrounding area to prevent any run offs or drips sticking to the rest of the board.
    Replacing the core:
    If you must replace any core, then you will need to mix up a batch of lightweight filling compound. To do this add the q-cell gradually to a small batch of resin, make note of how much resin you have measured out, add the powder until you have created a thick paste.  Mix 2% catalyst (2ml to every 100ml of resin) to the resin and using a mixing stick push the mixture into the void.
    Tip: split the mixing stick in half lengthways, this will create a pointed tool so that you can work the q-cell mixture into any corners or awkward areas. Fill the void slowly to avoid trapped air.
    The mixture should be poured until it is slightly proud of the surface. Once cured the filler can be sanded down flush with the rest of the board or alternatively sand the area slightly lower this will reduce creating a high spot in the board from the fibreglass repair patch.
    Cut out three circles of fibreglass one slightly bigger than the next, the first piece should be the size of the repair and the second and third approx. 1” larger than the previous.
    Mix a small batch of lay-up resin with 2% catalyst 4 droplets per every 10mls (do not get the lay-up resin mixed up with the topcoat resin which is only for use as the final coat check the label first) paint the catalysed lay-up resin straight onto the q-cell filled area. Take your smallest piece of fibreglass and lay this on top. With the brush apply more resin and repeat with the second piece of fibreglass. Use the brush to smooth out the fibreglass and expel any air voids. Once the fibreglass is laid neatly against the surfboard leave it to cure.
    Now that the fibreglass has cured hard sand until the edges blend into the surfboard but be careful not to sand too far into the fibreglass patch as this will reduce the strength of the repair.
    Once sanded remove any dust and wipe down with acetone. Now mix a batch of your Topcoat Resin with 2% catalyst and paint this over the repair, the topcoat resin should only be applied as the final coat. Leave over night to cure to full hardness before rubbing back with wet and dry papers.
    Start with a 400 grit, apply a bit of water to the wet and dry paper and the board and rub back using a circular motion. The 400 grit should be used to remove most of the high areas then work your way up towards and finish with 1200 grit until the resin is smooth and you are happy with the finish.
    It is not always necessary but if you want to bring the repair up to a higher gloss finish you can polish the repair with a ‘T’ cut or gelcoat polishing compound such as Farecla Select.
    The dropper bottle supplied contains catalyst you will need to add 4 droplets per 10ml of resin to get your 2% dosage you can increase this but no more than double for colder temperatures or to speed up the reaction. 

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