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Uniflo Continuous Filament - 300g - 1.38m wide

Uniflo Continuous Filament - 300g - 1.38m wide
Price: £4.95
Unifilo® is an Advantex® glass continuous filament mat consisting of randomly oriented strands in multiple layers held together with a suitable binder and with a silane coupling agent. The Advantex® glass fiber combines the electrical and mechanical properties of traditional E-glass with the acid corrosion resistance of E-CR glass.

 • U816 can be used for:

 • parts produced by foaming polyurethane, at low density

 • complex parts molded at low pressure ie Vacuum moulding

 • Parts molded by RTM, L-RTM, infusion or wet compression with UP, VE, EP and PU resins

 It has also been used between layers of Carbon Fibre in Resin infusion / Vacuum Bagging to help draw air from the A face of the mould, thus reducing pin holing and acting as a flow medium for the resin.
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