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White Polyester Fibreglass Rod - 6mm dia

(excl VAT)
Polyester Glassfibre Rod - 6mm dia x 1mt.
(standard 5 mt lengths, let us know if you want it cut into 1 mt lengths if ordering more than 1 mt, or just as one length).

Used in a wide variety of applications including; sports and leisure, electrical, industrial, engineering, construction, transport, agricultural and marine.
This material has many advantages including; resistant to corrosion, lightweight, strong and durable, non conductive to heat and electricity, low thermal expansion, non magnetic, transparent to electrical fields, maintenance free, non toxic, no surface painting or treatment, impervious to bacteriological growth, can be used in all climates and exposure to sunlight, suitable for brine, sewage and a wide variety of chemicalsand long life.

Weight 56g per m approx, size tolerance is +/-0.5mm. hand protection is advised when handling this product.

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