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Which polyester Resin to Use?

Our website contains a large range of polyester (and other types) of resin and so the choice of which one to use for a particular application can be a difficult one, especially for a novice or hobbyist. We hope this guide will help you to choose which polyester resin will be best for you, but please give us a call or email if you need any more information.

At the moment in our polyesters range we have :-

Lloyd's approved Polyester Resin Crystic 2-414PA Available in Clear or White  
General purpose Resin 2-8500
Encore 30 Clear Polyester Resin (available in 25kg or 220kg drums only)
Low Cost Re-blended Polyester Resin
Optimould Tooling Resin 
Fire Retardant Resin - Class 1 
Crystic 491 pa Resin 
Chemical & Heat resistant Resin 
471 PA Polyester Resin 
East Coast Surf Resin
Polyester Infusion Resin  Crystic 701 PA

So let’s run down the list with a description of each one and its particular use:-

1. Lloyd's approved Polyester Resin Crystic 2-414PA

Available in Clear or White  
This Resin is used for Marine applications such as boat building and boat repair which is why it holds the Lloyds Approval certification. It can also be used for general purpose applications and also has low styrene emissions. 

2. General purpose Resin 2-8500

This resin is self-descriptive – it is a general purpose resin used for applications such as fibreglass kit car panels, motorbike panels, fibreglass repairs etc. 

3. Low Cost Re-blended Polyester Resin

This is what we would describe as a budget resin and is made from a blend of different end of stock resins. This resin should only be used for non-critical applications, results can vary from batch to batch with the possibility of different levels of surface tack, cure speeds and shrinkage. It is supplied without warranty for this reason. General usage may be for example superficial repairs, or disposable short life items.

4. Optimould Tooling Resin 

This is the preferred choice for professional mould makers due to its very low shrinkage and fast curing. This resin speeds up mould production but should be used on small parts for the first time user due to its fast curing speed. For making moulds use with tooling gelcoat 14pa and apply a first layer with 491pa resin as a coupling coat before application of Optimold. See our mould making guide in project guides for more information, we also have a tutorial video within Video guides on this application too. 

5. Fire Retardant Resin - Class 1

Laminates constructed using this resin will achieve a class 1 fire retardant resin and similar rating when used with 65pa gelcoat. This resin is used for applications such as construction, interior shop displays and indoor sculptures ect. Where a class 1 fire Retardance is required.

6. Crystic 491 pa Resin

 is an isophthalic resin with good water and chemical resistance This resin is especially suitable for manufacturing vessels to contain food and potable liquids, such as drinking water. You must read thoroughly technical data sheet to follow post curing information if intended for this use. 
It is also very a very good resin to make a primer for applying to plywood and other non-oily timbers prior to applying a polyester GRP laminate.  To make a primer 7% Styrene is added to thin it down. By lowering the resin’s viscosity with styrene it will allow the resin to penetrate the woods surface. You will still need to add catalyst to activate the resin and once the resin has tacked off you can apply your standard resin and fibreglass. 

7. Chemical & Heat resistant Resin 

This is a pre accelerated, isophthalic / neopentyl glycol polyester resin, with high heat deflection temperature and good water and chemical resistance. This product is ideal for applications such as Chemical bunds, swimming pools and hot tubs 
Unlike other resins this resin has good chlorine resistance so is ideal for swimming pool construction, please see our guide in our project guide section for more info on pool construction. 

8. 471 PA Polyester Resin 

This is a pre-accelerated, low viscosity resin and also holds a LLoyds approval 471 has a Rapid curing time making this ideal for RTM processes when used with Triganox 44B catalyst. 

9. East Coast Surf Resin 

Is an orthopthalic unsaturated polyester, low reactivity, medium viscosity, pre-accelerated and light-stabilised, ideal for the manufacture and repair of surfboards.

10. Polyester Infusion Resin  Crystic 701 PA

A pre accelerated Isophthalic Polyester resin with low viscosity and controlled exotherm characteristics. 
Used primarily for the purposes of resin infusion, this does not perform well for basic hand laminating. 
Please read technical data sheet for detailed information.

11. Encore 30 Clear Polyester Resin

(available in 25kg or 220kg drums only)
This is another good quality Lloyds approved resin suitable for marine use applications such as boat building and repair. This resin performs just as well as Scott Bader’s crystic  2-414 PA. 

We supply this resin in 25kg and 225kg drum quantities for ease of monitoring stock rotation and best shelf life. 

This advice and information is given in good faith for guidance only. and is given without warranty, users should determine information given and using their own judgment to determine suitability. 

To reassure our customers - all materials supplied by East Coast Fibreglass Supplies are of the finest quality, manufactured by companies such as Scott Bader, DSM, Owens Corning to name but a few, who all have supplied materials into the Composites industry for many years on a global scale. Samples from every batch manufactured are retained for testing, should the need arise.