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How we built our boat
We got wood from B & Q Fibreglass and Resin from East Coast Fibreglass Daniel and dad joined the sides
Dad fitted the stem to the sides   Daniel fitted the transom
Daniel glued and fitted the gunwales   We made sure the boat was straight

Then stitched the bottom together with wire before fitting and securing with fibreglass

Daniel Planed the sides smooth Ryan Drilled to fit the nesting brackets
Daniel assembled and fitted the catches to join the two half's The boat joined together and...

Nested Hole cut for dagger board trunk and trunk fitted  

Brace and make rear seats
Brest hook, bow locker and mast holder
Seats in the rear section are made into storage boxes
Front nested inside the back fibreglass cloth on the bottom before applying the resin
The two halves dry fitted together and with the mast!
Painting undercoat inside gloss and outside
All Finished and ready
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