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Fibreglass Video Guides


Here are some of our useful video tutorials from over the past few years. There are lots more on our Youtube Channel here. Please let us know via email if there are any videos you would like us to make.

Fastcote demo
fibreglass repair with west system epoxy
how to brush apply polyester gelcoat
how to spray apply gelcoat
(Fastcote LP) demo on GRP/Fibreglass mould
Fibreglass repair with west system epoxy
How to brush-apply Polyester Gelcoat
How to correctly spray-apply Gelcoat
how to make a fibreglass mould
lining a baptism pool with fibreglass
making a fibreglass mould
making a fibreglass mould using optimold tooling resin
How to Make a Fibreglass Mould
Lining a baptism pool with fibreglass
Making a Fibreglass Mould
Making a fibreglass mould using optimold tooling resin
rtv mouldmaking and casting
skimboard project with west system epoxy
vac flo moulding
vacuum bag demonstration
RTV Mouldmaking and Casting
Skimboard project using west system epoxy
Vac Flo Moulding
Vacuum Bag Demonstration
vacuum grp moulding
vacuum injection moulding
resin infusion demo
resin transfer moulding
Vacuum GRP Moulding
Vacuum Injection moulding
Resin Infusion Demonstration
Resin Transfer Moulding
resin transfer moulding light
spraying gelcoat with the g100 spray gun
Resin Transfer Moulding Light
Spraying gelcoat with the G100 Spray Gun
A visit to the North East Maritime Trust
Bonding Wood to Fibreglass with Freefix
Mixing Polyurethane Foam Liquid
Moisture-Sealing a Clay Plug
How to Mix and Use EC42 Easy Sand Filler
Applying PVA Release Agent
Pigmenting Water Clear Casting Resin Creating Resin Eyeballs Fibreglassing onto a plywood Wheelhouse Mixing & Pigmenting PU Casting Resin
Cold Casting with Metal Powders and Polyester Resin Making a mould with RTV Silicone How to Brush Apply Gelcoat Metal Inlay Effect with Metal Powder and Epoxy Resin
How to Repair Damaged Gelcoat Casting Body Parts with Alginate and Casting Plaster Making a Mould with RTR 4010 Tooling System Colour Matching Gelcoats