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Carbon Fibre

Used in the production of Carbon reinforced plastics, our  huge range of Carbon Fibre Cloth, Fabric and Tapes have been chosen for their excellent quality and high strength to weight ratio. Available here in many different widths and weights - from budget price to top quality, carbon fibre is used in a huge and rapidly increasing number of areas including aerospace, automotive, sports goods, civil engineering and many more.

Our in-house carbon production professionals are happy to advise on your project - please call us on 0191 4975134 or email tech@ecfibreglasssupplies.co.uk


Benefits of Carbon Fibre

High Strength-to-Weight Ratio: Carbon fiber is renowned for its high strength-to-weight and stiffness-to-weight ratios, making it a preferred material in aerospace and automotive industries. Its lightweight nature contributes to fuel efficiency and performance enhancement in vehicles and aircraft.

Durability and Safety: Carbon fiber is about five times as strong as steel and twice as stiff at an equal weight. This exceptional strength enhances the safety of vehicles. For instance, Volvo and Polestar's crash tests in 2018 showed that carbon fiber components exhibited no bending or misalignment even in high-impact collisions.

Lightweighting in Automotive: Using carbon fiber significantly reduces vehicle weight, improving efficiency and speed without compromising safety. For example, GMC's inclusion of carbon fiber in the 2019 CarbonPro Sierra 1500 reduced the pickup bed's weight by 25%, increasing its payload capacity.

Flexibility and Moldability: Carbon fiber can be easily moulded into complex shapes, making it ideal for manufacturing parts with intricate designs, such as wheel wells in cars.

Medical and Optical Industries: Carbon fiber's biological inertness and permeability to x-rays make it ideal for prosthetics, implants, and surgical equipment. It is also used in medical imaging tables and precision measurement tools due to its low coefficients of thermal expansion.

Music Industry: Carbon fiber's high dimensional stability, resistance to humidity, and low damping to vibration improve the resonance of musical instruments, offering a fuller, richer sound that is unaffected by ambient conditions.

Tooling and Automation: In manufacturing, carbon fiber composites are used to create lighter tools and machine parts, facilitating easier handling and movement. Carbon fiber idler rolls are more rigid than steel rolls, leading to reduced bending and lower power requirements.