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Twill weave 2x2 Glass Cloth and Tape

Glassfibre or Fibreglass Woven Twill Fabrics are one of the most popular reinforcements for many composite layups. 
Chosen for their cost effectiveness, high strength to weight ratio and also dimensional stability, Fiberglass fabrics have found their way into a wide variety of applications including surface layers, wind energy, marine, automotive applications, and mould making.
The East Coast range of Twill Glass cloths are produced by leading European Manufacturers and are available in weights from 135g to 770g all supplied with surface treatments compatible with standard Resin Systems such as Epoxy, Polyester, Vinylester, Phenolic amongst other Resins commonly used.
Twill weave fabrics have one or more warp fibres alternately weave over and under two or more weft fibres in a regular repeated manner. This produces the visual effect of a straight or broken diagonal 'rib' to the fabric. Superior wet out and drape is seen in the twill weave over the plain weave with only a small reduction in stability. With reduced crimp, the fabric also has a smoother surface and slightly higher mechanical properties.
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