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Cloth, Fabric and Tapes

We sell a massive range of composites cloths and fabrics, held in stock in our custom-built 'Fabric Wall', which takes up the entire first floor of our main warehouse! Carbon fibres, Aramids and Kevlars, Woven Roving, Innegra, many glassfibre cloths and tapes and much more. See our Guide to the Pros and Cons of various cloths here: Which Cloth Should I Choose?


Cloth, fabric, and tapes are fundamental components in the world of composite materials, offering versatility and strength in a variety of applications. These materials are available in numerous forms such as fiberglass, carbon fibre, and Kevlar, each possessing unique properties suited to different needs. Fiberglass is renowned for its cost-effectiveness and versatility, making it a popular choice in boat building, automotive, and hobbyist projects. It is available in various weaves that offer different strengths and finishes, such as chopped strand mat (CSM), woven roving, and twill weave. 

Carbon fibre, distinguished by its signature appearance and remarkable strength-to-weight ratio, is preferred in high-performance applications. It is extensively used in aerospace, racing, and high-end sporting goods due to its exceptional stiffness and lightweight characteristics. Kevlar is known for its outstanding tensile strength and impact resistance. In addition to these, hybrid fabrics that combine the benefits of different fibres are gaining popularity in specialized applications. Tapes, available in various widths and materials, are crucial for reinforcing seams, edges, and specific stress points. They offer localized strength in composite structures, ensuring durability and longevity. Understanding the specific properties and applications of each type of cloth, fabric, and tape is essential for selecting the right material for any composite project.