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Polyester Flowcoat / Topcoat

Our Polyester Flowcoat/Topcoat range is Approved by Lloyd’s register of shipping for use in construction of reinforced plastic craft under their survey, and is widely used in the marine and construction industries such as on boats, roofs and other outside surfaces.

Please note that this is a ‘brush flowcoat’ only and should be applied liberally with a brush to allow the correct content of wax within the layer. Applying too thin or with a roller can reduce wax content within the layer and cause the flowcoat to cure tacky. In some cases we can add extra wax if intending to use as a roofing topcoat but please make us aware of this in your customer notes. 

Ensure good constant working temperatures as recommended per the Technical Data Sheet. Avoid application and curing in direct sunlight or extremely hot conditions. 

Please note it is not recommended to combine colored  GT-600 and GT-900 within the same project as slight shade variations can occur.

How to Correctly Brush Apply Flowcoat (video)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmcELJxTyx8