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Carbon Fiber Cloths and Tapes

With it's excellent strength to weight ratio and amazing appearance, carbon fiber cloth when combined with resin (CFRP) is stronger and lighter than metal and is now used for many advanced composites applications including, but certainly not limited to aerospace, automotive, marine and many more.

Here at East Coast we sell a huge range of high quality carbon fiber cloth fabric in many different weights, weaves and widths, and as always we are just a phone call or email away should you require any help or advice! If you need a specific cloth which isn't listed we will be happy to obtain a quote from our various suppliers.

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Advantages of Using Carbon Fiber

Superior Strength-to-Weight Characteristics: Known for its outstanding strength-to-weight and stiffness-to-weight properties, carbon fiber is widely used in the aerospace and automotive sectors. Its lightness aids in boosting fuel efficiency and performance in both cars and aircraft.

Enhanced Durability and Increased Safety: Carbon fiber, being approximately five times stronger and twice as stiff as steel at the same weight, significantly boosts vehicle safety. For example, in 2018, crash tests by Volvo and Polestar demonstrated that carbon fiber parts remained intact and aligned even under severe impact.

Weight Reduction in Vehicles: Carbon fiber's use in automobiles leads to a substantial decrease in weight, thereby enhancing efficiency and speed while maintaining safety standards. A notable instance is GMC's 2019 CarbonPro Sierra 1500, where carbon fiber usage led to a 25% reduction in the weight of the pickup bed, thus augmenting its carrying capacity.

Mouldability and Design Versatility: Carbon fiber's ease of molding into complex structures makes it perfect for producing intricately designed components, like car wheel wells.

Applications in Medical and Optical Fields: The material's non-reactive nature and x-ray transparency render it suitable for prosthetics, implants, and surgical instruments. It's also employed in medical imaging tables and precision tools, benefiting from its minimal thermal expansion.

Impact in the Music Industry: The high dimensional stability of carbon fiber, along with its resistance to humidity and vibration, enhances the sound quality of musical instruments, producing a richer and more consistent tone irrespective of environmental conditions.

Use in Tooling and Manufacturing Automation: Carbon fiber composites are utilized in manufacturing for creating lighter tools and machine parts, simplifying handling and operation. For example, carbon fiber idler rolls, being more rigid than steel ones, minimize bending and lower energy needs.