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Disclaimer regarding Coloured (brush) gelcoats

This disclaimer is important to all large panel or boat hull manufacturers

Single pigment colours like white and black are generally free of all colour faults but where you have mixtures of pigments you always have the potential for separation,  particularly if you allow the gelcoat to drain  down the mould in huge sags and  runs.
Some colours are much more prone to this with greys giving the biggest issues as white pigment and black pigment are very different in terms of their density - white is a hard dense solid and black is a fluffy light powder. This is not limited however to greys. Blues can also have the same issues
Spray gelcoats are less prone to colour faults as pigment particles in the gel are equally dispersed and sags are less likely to form. For this reason, we do not recommend brush gelcoats in greys or blues to be used for boat building or large panel construction.

Please be mindful for spray gelcoats that results can be influenced a lot by the skill of the sprayer and difficulty in spraying certain shapes so practicing on non-critical applications first is advised.