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West System User Guides

Please feel free to read or download the epoxy user guides below which contain a wealth of information on the properties and uses of epoxy resins, as well as instructions for several common epoxy resin projects. For further guides to using resins please see our Information & Guides, Video Guides and our Books & DVDs section.

Gelcoat Blisters - Diagnosis, repair and prevention     west system final fairing and finishing guide     west system vacuum bagging techniques     west system wooden boat restoration and repair guide

fibreglass boat repair and maintenance guide     west system product and user guide     west system specifications for caravan repair guide     epoxy for marine use guide

west system fillers and their uses     west system successful bonding of wood guide     west system epoxy guide to sheathing     fix leaking hulls in aluminium boats with g-flex epoxy guide

west system repairing gelcoat blisters guide     patch holes in aluminium boats with g-flex epoxy guide     west system guide to rebuilding a rudder     west system polyester over epoxy guide

west system guide to building a cedar strip kayak     west system epoxy guide to installing a bow thruster     west system guide to other uses of epoxy resin