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Casting Resins

Polyester casting resins include standard casting resin and Water Clear casting resin for model and jewellery making. casting resin has a creamy colour and water clear casting resin is as clear as water, as the name implies! Both of these reins can be pigmented with polyester pigments to achieve hundreds of colours and effects.

Polyurethane resins also include both clear (Clear Cast) and opaque resins. The polyurethane resins are stronger than the polyester resins and have less odour, but are also more expensive! The Clear Cast (polyurethane) is also more UV stable than the Water Clear (polyester) meaning it will go less yellow over the years. Polyurethane (PU) resins can also be coloured with the appropraite pigment paste.

Epoxy casting resins featured here are ideal for creating river tables, encapsulations and many other craft projects.