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Combination Matt

Combination mat refers to a specific type of fibreglass mat used in composite material applications. The numbers 450g and 225g or any other variant such as 600g/300g or 800g/450g correspond to the weight or density of the fiberglass in grams per square meter (g/m²).

In composite manufacturing, the weight of the reinforcement matt bears a crucial factor that determines the strength and other mechanical properties of the final product. The Chopped Strand Matting would use 2 – 2.5:1 Resin to Glass Ratio whilst the Woven, be it either Biaxial or 0 – 90 degrees would typically use a Resin to Glass ratio of 1:1.   

It very useful for building layers rather than using individual materials separately. Often referred to as Combi Matt.
All variants of Combination fabric have DNV approval, (Det Norske Veritas). When a product or a company receives DNV approval it means that it has been evaluated and certified by DNV to meet certain standards, specifications or regulatory requirements. The approval process typically involves an assessment of the product's design, manufacturing processes, quality control measures, and compliance with relevant industry standards.

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