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Polyester Gel-Coat

We supply coloured Gel-coats in 1000s of colours - RAL, BS and Scott Bader colours, Vinylester Tooling Gelcoat, Sanding and spray Gelcoats. Pigments are created on site with our state of the art Geltint pigment machine. We are currently adding colours - please get in touch if you don't see the colour you need.

Please note it is not recommended to combine colored  GT-600 and GT-900 within the same project as slight shade variations can occur.

Our standard Gel coat is a high quality Isophthalic Gel-coat specifically designed for brush application, this meets Lloyds standards and is widely used in the Marine and construction industry, also available in Spray version.

All gelcoats are supplied with catalyst.

Click here for a video guide on brush-applying gelcoat.