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Fibreglass Chopped Strand Matting

Fibreglass Chopped Strand Matting - Emulsion, Powder bound and tissue
Fibreglass chopped strand matt is a dry mat made up of glass strands randomly laid and held together with a binder: either emulsion bound or powder bound. In the case of Polyester and Vinylester resins an Emulsion bound matt is used and in the case of an Epoxy resin a powder bound matt would be used. The binder would then dissolve in the chosen Resin and this would make the Fibreglass Matt (CSM) conform into the shape of the object being laid up on, most commonly the Glass matt sheets are laid on top of each other in layers combined with a resin to form a thicker / stronger part as part of a GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) moulding. 
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Advantages and Limitations: CSM is known for its adaptability and cost-effectiveness. It easily conforms to tight curves and corners better than woven fabrics. However, it's important to note that CSM lacks significant strength compared to woven cloth. For projects requiring strength, a woven cloth or a combination of mat and cloth is recommended. The mat can be used between layers of woven fabric to quickly build thickness and aid in bonding all layers together. This process can be made easier by using Combination matt, which is a woven roving material which has been stitched to chopped strand matting - It is available in various weight combinations.