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GRP Fibreglass Roof Packs

Our GRP/ Fibreglass Roof Kits come with all the materials you need for your roof project. We have worked out the quantities for you, so each pack comes with the correct amount of Roofing Resin, Chopped Strand Matting (CSM) and Topcoat for the area. We also include the catalyst you need at a ratio of 2% (in the winter months we supply a faster catalyst but you may also purchase additional catalyst if required)

These packs come in 2 thickness specifications and in sizes from 5m² to 100m² - please contact us if you require a different colour or specification or area - We can calculate and create a pack for any size roof.
Our materials come with a minimum 10-25 year guarantee. Please check individual listings for details.

All GRP Roofing kits are supplied with Fire Retardant Topcoat as standard. Non-FR Topcoat is also available.

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Introduction to GRP Roofing

GRP roofing, a robust system made from a combination of fibreglass and polyester resin, is acclaimed for its resilience and versatility. It's a preferred choice for both commercial and residential structures due to its strength, ability to endure extreme weather, UV resistance, and low maintenance. This roofing type, also known as fibreglass roofing, boasts a long lifespan, often exceeding 30 years.

Advantages of GRP Fibreglass Roof Packs
Our GRP Fibreglass Roof Packs encompass everything required for a successful GRP roofing system. These packs, available in a variety of sizes, come with all necessary materials, including Roofing Resin, Chopped Strand Matting (CSM), and Topcoat, all proportioned accurately for your project. Recognized for their maintenance-free, leakproof, lightweight, and durable properties, our kits offer an architectural finish with reliability, sourced from the industry's most trusted brands.

Installation Guide Overview
Installing a GRP flat roof demands thorough planning and preparation. Key steps include weather checking, ensuring dry conditions, and inspecting the existing decking for moisture or rot. The installation involves laying a base resin layer, followed by fibreglass matting and a final topcoat for a polished look. Our guide provides detailed instructions for each step, ensuring a high-quality and durable finish.

Download our guide to GRP Roofing installation here.

Safety and Pre-Installation Checks
Prior to installation, several safety checks are necessary. These include ensuring no presence of asbestos, maintaining a smoke-free environment due to the use of flammable chemicals, confirming the stability of the roof for walking, and preparing scaffolding or other secure systems for working at height. A thorough materials check is also crucial to ensure all necessary supplies are available and accessible.

Edge Trim Installation
Our GRP-made edge trims are essential for shaping, protecting, and enhancing the aesthetic of your flat roof. They are installed after the decking and insulation but before the laminate, covering the roof's edges and the interface between the wall and roof. This step is vital for proper rainwater channeling and adding a finished look to your roof.

Laminating Process
The laminating phase is critical for creating a high-quality, water-resistant barrier. Key tools for this process include a polyester roller, paddle roller, and a mixing bucket. It's important to carefully plan the areas to laminate, especially for large or complex roofs, to avoid putting weight on fresh laminate. Beginners are advised to practice on smaller areas first to ensure a high-quality finish.