Epoxy Resins

Epoxy Resins are used in applications where superior strength, durability, and chemical resistance are needed. Epoxy Resin is more expensive than Polyester Resin and Vinylester Resins so the benefits should be considered before starting your project. Epoxies are available in different viscosities, low viscosity epoxies are used in RTM (Resin Transfer) applications. Epoxy resin cannot be thinned down to lower the viscosity with thinners as this will attack the chemical mechanisms that harden the epoxy, most manufacturers advise warming the resin carefully, bearing in mind also this will speed up the cure time.

Below is a range of Epoxy Resins we sell at East Coast Fibreglass, from WEST SYSTEM, MAS Epoxy, Sika, Sicomin, and our own General purpose laminating Epoxy ,Infusion Epoxy and Clear Epoxy Gelcoat.

See our guide: Which Epoxy resin should I use?

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