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East Coast Surf Resin (inc Catalyst)

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East Coast Polyester Surf Resin is a premium, orthophthalic unsaturated polyester resin known for its suitability in the manufacture and repair of surfboards. This resin is characterized by its low reactivity, medium viscosity, and pre-accelerated, light-stabilized formulation, making it ideal for applications requiring durability and clarity. The resin has a transparent blue appearance, which helps in the visual inspection of the application process.


1. Surfboard Manufacturing: Specially formulated for crafting high-performance surfboards, ensuring strength and flexibility.
2. Surfboard Repair: Ideal for repairing damaged surfboards, providing a reliable and strong bond that restores the board’s integrity.
3. Other Composite Applications: Can be used in various other composite applications where similar performance characteristics are required.


1. Excellent Clarity: The transparent blue liquid resin allows for easy visual inspection during the application process, ensuring a perfect finish.
2. Durability and Strength: Offers high tensile and flexural strength, making it perfect for surfboards that need to withstand significant stress and impact.
3. Light Stabilized: The resin's light stabilization ensures that it remains clear and durable even after prolonged exposure to sunlight.
4. Easy to Use: Its low reactivity and medium viscosity make it easy to handle and apply, reducing the chances of errors during the application.
5. Versatile Curing Options: Suitable for both hand lay-up and UV curing methods, providing flexibility in manufacturing processes.

Usage Instructions

- Preparation: Ensure the resin is at a temperature of 25║C before use. Do not apply directly onto polystyrene.
- Catalyst Addition: Mix with 1% MEKP 50% catalyst and ensure thorough dispersion.
- Application: Suitable for hand lay-up and UV curing methods. Apply in a well-ventilated, flame-proof area due to the volatile and flammable nature of the resin.

Storage and Handling

- Storage Conditions: Store in a shaded, dry place below 25║C, away from direct sunlight. Open the container only immediately before use.
- Shelf Life: 6 months if stored under recommended conditions.
- Handling Precautions: Polyester solutions contain volatile and flammable monomers such as styrene. Handle in well-ventilated, flame-proof areas and refer to the Safety Data Sheet for detailed safety instructions.

East Coast Polyester Surf Resin provides an excellent balance of clarity, strength, and ease of use, making it a preferred choice for surfboard manufacturers and repair professionals. For more detailed information and specific use cases, always refer to the technical data sheet.
To comply with Hazardous transport regulations, and to keep shipping costs low, larger amounts of this resin may be decanted into 5L containers or delivered on a pallet.

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Q & A

Can i use this to repair a Surfboard?

If the surfboard was manufactured using a Polyester resin then yes, if not it would have been made with an Epoxy resin in that case you would need an Epoxy resin to do a suitable repair as the adhesion between Polyester and Epoxy would not be suitable.

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