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Surface Tissue

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A very fine mat, ideal for making intricate shapes and also gives a better finish on completed laminates when used on last layer.

Approximatly 30g per sq mt, and 1 metre wide.

Can also be useful as a barrier between the gelcoated surface and the course strands of the matting to prevent print through.

Fast wet out. Compatible with most resins inc. PE, VE , Epoxy, Phenolic.

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How much resin would i need to use, i will be putting on a last layer of a moulded part to generate a better finish?

If you are putting it on a wet laminate just place down carefully as the tissue will pick up any excess resin , using a stippling action absorb as much as you can,then more resin can be added to dry areas. Be sure to put the smooth side of the tissue matting facing up. If you are using it dry on a surface then it would pick up approximately 75g - 100g of resin per sq mt.
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